PurpleMuse is a brand made in Kosovo, anew born country centered in south-east Europe. The post war decade wasn’t easy in a sense of progress and development, but in the middle of this ‘chaos’ there was, and always will be hope, empathy and hard work.

Crafted by Humans

A signature campaign of PurpleMuse is Crafted By Humans – philosophy through which we want to emphasis the importance of developing hand-skills of our local artisans. Even though PM holds an enthusiasm for futuristic époque and we celebrate it by integrating tech-elements in our products, as nature fanatics we believe that technology can never beat the extraordinary beauty and artistry of craftsmanship. We can proudly say that PurpleMuse products are hand-sewn by dedicated women rich in tradition and workmanship.


PM Team consists a group of sisters who have the vision to build an authentic brand which provides not only unique products, but also an experience.

‘We hope that PurpleMuse will serve as a brand of unity and empowerment.’

COLLABORATION WITH HOME ON EARTH |PurpleMuse spot in the heart of Antwerp

You can find our corner at Home On Earth in Antwerp, Belgium, as a result of the mutual collaboration we agreed. We collide the two concepts of our brands as they match perfectly and both aim to restore the importance of natural – handmade products.
Home on Earth products are inspired by nature, and PurpleMuse knits are Crafted by Humans.

Check their story and their amazing products here.


PurpleMuse products can be purchased online without any extra charge from across the world. Please check Terms & Conditions before any order and contact the team at cs@purplemuse.eu  for customized or personalized knits.